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Please note, all prices are given on an individual basis. The prices given below are an estimate based on average sizes and coat types. These prices can and do change depending on each individual dog.  If you are unsure about a price for your dog, please send us a message.

Bath and dry only (large breeds) - £40

Bath and dry only (small-medium breeds) - £30

Bath and tidy up (face,feet,belly bum and tail trim only, no length taken off) - £35

Curly coated full groom - £45

Deshedding treatment large breeds - £70

Deshedding treatment medium breeds - £45

Deshedding treatment small or smooth coated breeds - £45

Handstripping - £55

Large breed full groom - £55

Medium breed full groom - £45

Small breed full groom - £40

Puppy introduction session (up to 6 months of age) - £30


Anal gland expressing (only available to be added to a full groom) - £5

Ultrasonic teeth cleaning - £35 first session

                                                       £20 top up session

Face trims - £10

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