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About us

We are a Teesside based dog grooming business, specializing in the care and comfort of your furry friends.


Lola's dog grooming is named after our very own pup Lola the border collie, who you will sometimes see in the salon with us making friends and 'helping'! Our head groomer (Hannah) is a mum running the business while looking after her family, and strives to care for your dogs just as she would her own (Lola!). Grooming is a passion for Hannah aswell as a skill. She loves her work, and is always striving to learn and progress more in the industry. As our business grows, we will always make sure it is still run in a personal and friendly way, while keeping professional at all times.

Hannah is highly skilled in all aspects of grooming in both pet styling and competetive show grooming. She trained at the best facility in the north east, gaining distinctions in all qualifications held today. Hannah is trained to masters level, and holds certifcates and qualifications in multiple areas of canine grooming, behaviour and care.

Our grooms are executed to a high standard, always using top of the range equipment. Our scissors, clippers, dryers and all tools are serviced regularly keeping them in the best condition, meaning this reflects in our work. Along with a high standard in the grooming salon, we believe that high quality customer service and communication is vital to a job in which we deal with customers family members. We understand that your dog is your best friend, and will always do what we can to keep him/her and also you satisfied.

Information about our services and prices can also be found on our social media accounts (links to our Facebook, Instagram and twitter accounts can be found on the homepage).

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