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Nail Clipping


We offer nail clipping on a walk in basis with no appointment needed. 

Nail clipping is a vital part of your dogs maintenance and care, with most dogs needing their nails clipped at least once in their lifetimes and many needing them clipped regularly!


Most dogs are used to this process and are happy to pop in for their clip and set off on their walk home, however some dogs find it quite stressful. In these circumstances we will sometimes refer your pup to their veterinary surgery so they can have their nails clipped under medical supervision.

We will always discuss all options with you and decide the best course of action for your dog together.

We always advise to give us a call before you pop in for your dogs nail clip, to make sure that a member of staff will be available at the time you require.

Nail clips - £5 per dog 

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